Customer Dimension Analytics Service Model

Customer Dimension Analytics Service Model

Customer Insight

Customer Insight enables an organisation to greater understanding to what their customers value. Understanding this value, and knowing that it is not the same for everybody, can enable an organisation to acquire new customers, develop strong relationships with them and to enable their retention. Relevant and actionable customer insight can produce greater brand loyalty and accentuate customer advocacy.

Interpreting the customer experience in a methodical manner creates customer insight. It is a signal separated from the noise and transferred into knowledge that can be deployed throughout an organisation. Core business processes can then be improved to produce outputs and outcomes more closely aligned to an organisations strategy.

At CDA, we deliver Customer Insights that focus on customer attitudes, behaviour and economics.

Customer Journey Mapping

By working with your organisation we facilitate workshops that map out the customers’ end to end journey; those interactions and touch points that the customer has with your products and services. This can be for ‘B2C’ and ‘B2B’ organisations. The perspectives taken can be both customer touch points and internal ‘below the line’ processes. From this collaboration we deliver an agreed ‘As is’ picture of the customer touch point landscape.

Kano Analysis

Utilising the Kano approach, CDA can channel the Voice of the Customer to an organisation. We can deliver a categorised, ranked and prioritised list of improvements and enhancements as articulated by the customer themselves.

Kano Model

Find out what Customers want more and less of and where in the customer experience they want it.

Factorial Analysis

CDA will find those key themes that customers value when weighing up an organisation’s proposition. Incorporating these themes into core business processes will produce a customer experience that will deliver an outcome of advocacy and loyalty.

Conjoint Analysis

CDA will investigate how the different aspects of a product or service will be appreciated and valued by the various strata in an organisations customer or potential customer base. We will help you understand the trade-offs to be made based on product attributes, resources available and customer perception of value.

Process Mining

Process Mining is a structured technique to discover the improvement and to enable and monitor the improvement of real processes. Real data is extracted from IT systems and reverse engineered to create diagrams that can be readily understood. Visualising ‘As is’ processes with associated constraints provides the key platform from which to assess the true customer experience.

Process mining enables business owners to

  • Understand key interactions between market offerings and core business processes.
  • Be in control, mitigate risk by having visibility of the end to end process.

If you are a process owner then process mining can enable you to

  • Reduce cost, remove waste and become more lean.
  • Improve quality, get to the root cause of any process defects