About Us

Customer Dimension Analytics enables organisations to deliver fully their value proposition to their existing customers; to improve their customer experience and to attract new customers. We shine a light on the customer experience and connect it to the core business processes that produce that experience. We use the latest and most relevant techniques and present our findings back to an organisation in terms that they find readily accessible, relevant and actionable.

We exercise Customer Insight techniques to understand what customers expectations are and where they are not being met. We use Process Mining to understand where core (and secondary) processes are failing in delivering the Customer experience required.

We enable you to deliver fully on your value proposition to existing customers and to attract new customers by helping you to ‘Get the Full Picture’. 

CDA Founder and Managing Director – Shaun Moran

Shaun is an experienced customer-centric professional with over 16 years experience in Business Intelligence, Operational Excellence and Customer Insight. Having worked in eBay, Irish Distillers and ICL Fujitsu, Shaun is driven by a passion for ensuring that customer driven analytics deliver value to the business. Shaun says that ‘CDA was set up to connect customers experiences to the processes that deliver them’.

Please feel free to call Shaun at:

Tel: 353 876489539

Email: smoran@cdanalytics.ie

Shaun Moran
CD Analytics Founder and Managing Director