Process Mining + Customer Experience = Customer Insight

Process Mining + Customer  Experience = Customer Insight

Process Mining + Customer Experience = Customer Insight

In today’s highly competitive marketplaces it is not so much about a company wishing to serve their customers as much as the customer deciding who they wish to serve them. A company needs to differentiate itself by serving its customers better than their competitors serve their own. It’s all about perspective.

A customer’s perception is informed by the experience that they felt they had, and that in turn, is based on whether their expectation has been met upon having interacted with that company. Core business processes are the spine of any company’s ability to service their customers. Customers have a certain experience upon receipt of this service and the manner in which it was received. It’s a company’s process but a customer’s experience; they are flip sides of the same coin. The business process was the channel by which the value was dispatched to the customer, but was it received by the customer? Did the customer have a good experience? Ask them, but an organisation needs to be in a position to do something with the feedback. Create a new perspective by collaborating with the customer using their feedback to co-create value.

Business processes work to produce outputs that move an organisation closer to meeting its strategic aims and objectives. Improving those will help narrow the gap between your customers’ expectation and perception. In essence the outputs can be extended to be viewed as outcomes. The best outcome being that the customer perceives as having received the full extent of the value that they expected.

Process Mining is a unique approach in developing a perspective on the ‘As Is’ of a company’s business processes. It creates a context from the very granular ‘who does what when?’ to enable business leaders to ask the most relevant ‘Why?’ It is a technique to (a) discover, (b) monitor and (c) improve real processes (not assumed processes) by extracting knowledge from event logs readily available in today’s information systems.

Process mining enables you to get the ‘As Is’ picture – tackling the issue ‘who does what when?’. It allows you to create baseline of the experience that an organisation delivers to its customers by capturing the variation in the processes that deliver that experience.

Process Mining  + Customer Experience = Customer Insight.


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